Whatever the reason for your visit - you’re in good hands!

By choosing The Hand Therapy Group, you’re choosing care from experienced hand therapists who have the knowledge and expertise to help specifically with injuries or conditions of the hand, wrist, forearm or elbow.

How we can help?

 There are many reasons why you may need to see us. You might be an athlete, a busy professional, a parent, a senior or a student. Regardless of whether you’ve been spending too much time at your computer, have recently had surgery, or realised you’re not as young as you used to be, we can tailor treatment to suit your needs.

Our services include assessment and treatment of:

  • Fractures (broken bones)

  • Sprains of the finger, wrist, forearm or elbow

  • Post-operative rehabilitation

  • Arthritis

  • Sporting injuries

  • Children’s injuries

  • Pregnancy related hand symptoms

  • Work related injuries


Treatment costs

We’ll advise you of costs at the start of your session.

Your treatment may be convered by ACC

There is no payment required for patients with accepted ACC claims. The majority of your splinting or casting, if required, will also be covered by ACC, while there may be a small charge for items such as tape.

Private pricing

  • New patient $80 (30 minutes)

  • Follow up $70 (30 minutes)

Please let us know if you have Health Insurance as you may be able to get your treatment costs reimbursed by your provider.


We are governed by our Professional Bodies – Physiotherapy New Zealand and Occupational Therapy New Zealand. Also by Hand Therapy New Zealand.